Stunning Black and White Wedding Invitations

In recent years, more and more couples are choosing black and white wedding invitations to set the tone for their wedding day, and for good reason. The contrast of black and white when used on wedding stationery produces a stylish and sophisticated impression that sets the tone perfectly for a day filled with contemporary luxury and designer elegance. A black and white wedding theme is increasingly popular among younger couples who are hosting a designer chic day for their guests, however black and white can also be used to stunning effect when planning a winter wedding, setting the backdrop for a gorgeous winter wonderland themed wedding.

Black and White wedding invitation

Alternatively, if you have a specific colour in mind that you want as your main theme, using this colour in conjunction with a black and white backdrop can be really striking and the perfect way to ensure your colour choice is not overwhelming for your guests. Black can often be associated with mourning, especially amongst older generations. Choosing a bright, rich colour to contrast with your black and white setting can totally change the feel of your wedding theme whilst still remaining elegant and striking.

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  4. Some people save wedding invitations. That’s right. The date, day, time, location, cordial welcome, RSVP, and optional clothing and gift recommendations are not the only thing conveyed by the invitations. It’s also important to let the visitors and guests know how important your wedding is to you and your spouse. The colors, price, and special effects (more on those later) of the invitation signify tone, mood, and importance. Furthermore, grandparents and others may like to keep the cards because of their sentimental import. Priceless is the word that comes to mind.

  5. Would anyone be able to advise me as to wether this a printed image or a stamped image – I would really like to acquire this design or similar (the black flower, swirls deisgn) if it was availbale as a stamp?

    I would really appreciate any help in tracking it down.
    Thank You

  6. @Catherine
    Hi catherine,
    The design is the Rose Scroll design from Ivy Ellen. You can view the design on their Rose Scroll page on their site.

    I’m not sure if they offer this as a stamp, but it’s worth asking!

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